Past Issues

Mar 2021

Beyond the Flap — Women’s History: Modern Women Writing Their Own


Feb 2021

Readers Write — How Do You Organize Your Bookshelves?


Jan 2021

Feature — J. Elle: Black Child, You Are Magic


Dec 2020

Turn the Page — How Green Is Your Book?


Nov 2020

Beyond the Flap — Indie Bookstores: Pandemic Adds Plot Twist to Comeback Story


Oct 2020

Community Connection — Tell Me A Story: Conroy Center Nurtures Writers and Writing


Sept 2020

Shared Experience — Sydney’s Book Club: Books, Smiles, and Love of Reading


Aug 2020

Readers Write — Unreal Estate: Readers Share Favorite Literary Locations


July 2020

Feature — Medina Children’s Library: New Stories in Ancient Fez


June 2020

Turn the Page — Racism: Can Books Help Write the Next Chapter?


May 2020

Subscriber Exclusive — Time at Home: A Chance to Cultivate New Reading Habits
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April 2020

Shared Experience — Once Upon a Deployment: Recorded Stories Connect Military Families


March 2020

Beyond the Flap — Mindful Writing: Creating a Lifeline with Words


February 2020

Readers Write — Eye-Opening Books for 2020


January 2020

Feature — Live the Obligation: Stories Create Healing Connections for Survivors


December 2019

Turn the Page — She Writes: Elevating Women’s Voices


November 2019

Shared Experience — Seasons of Support: Helping Military-Connected Students Thrive


October 2019

Community Connection — Browning Library Counts the Ways to Welcome Visitors


September 2019

Readers Write — Do You Reread Favorite Books?


August 2019

Beyond the Flap — Greg Howard: Messages of Hope


July 2019

Shared Experience — BookCon 2019: Authors Inspire Readers & Writers


June 2019

Feature — Power and Progress: Diverse Stories, Authentic Voices


May 2019

Community Connection — Curated Words Inspire Military Family Museum Exhibits


April 2019

Subscriber Exclusive — Eileen and Jerry Spinelli: Writing for a Living and a Lifetime Together (Subscribe to read this article and other exclusive content.)


March 2019

Readers Write — Literary Podcasts Connect Readers, Writers, and Books


February 2019

Beyond the Flap — Jocelyn Green: Digging Deep for Historical Fiction Gems


January 2019

Feature / Writeaway — JT Blatty: A New Chapter


December 2018

Turn the Page — 2019 Writing Conferences, Workshops, Retreats


November 2018

Shared Experience — Publishers Consider Author Marketing Vital to a Book’s Success

Writeaway 2018 Tuscany Writeaway Coverage


October 2018

Community Connection / Writeaway — Preparing for a Writing Workshop


September 2018

Readers Write — Preferred Format: Ebook, Audiobook, or Print?

Writeaway Six Talented Military-Connected Women Writers


August 2018

Shared Experience — Books Put Athletes, Coaches, Parents on the Same Page


July 2018

Feature — Never Forget: Artist Paul Dillon’s Passion to Preserve POW-MIA Stories

Writeaway Creating a Writers’ Workshop: An Evolved Model


June 2018

Beyond the Flap — Bryan Bliss: Redemption on Death Row

Writeaway Writeaways Workshop Leaders Mimi Herman and John Yewell


May 2018

Turn the Page How Do Your Stories Grow? Kimberly Willis Holt’s Writing Process

Writeaway Writeaways Workshops: A Journey to Intimacy


April 2018

Readers Write Favorite Books to Read With Young Children

Writeaway Tuscany Writeaway Scholarship


March 2018

Community Connection Strive Publishing: Growing Community Uplifts African-American Stories & Dreams


February 2018

Shared Experience The CEO Book Club: Why and What They Read


January 2018

Feature Newbery-Winning Storyteller Kelly Barnhill Writes to Be Read Out Loud


December 2017

Beyond the Flap In the Artist’s Studio With John Parra


November 2017

Turn the Page Writing Contests Help Writers, Agents, Editors Find One Another


October 2017

Subscriber Exclusive — After the Storm: Houston Bookstore Comforts Neighbors in Harvey’s Aftermath (Subscribe to read this article and other exclusive content.)


September 2017

Community Connection Barbershop Books: Growing Boys Who Read


August 2017

Readers Write Reading to Reduce Stress


July 2017

Shared Experience Mudgy and Millie Lay Strong Foundation in Coeur d’Alene


June 2017

Turn the Page — Pitch Conferences: Shaping Writers for Publication


May 2017

Feature — Corie Weathers: Honoring Sacred Spaces in Marriage


April 2017

Beyond the Flap — Beach Reads: Mary Alice Monroe Intertwines Storytelling & Nature


March 2017

Readers Write — Favorite Quotes From Books


February 2017

Community Connection — Present Meets Past at Historic Timrod Library


January 2017

Shared Experience — Collaboration: Key for Musician Authors


December 2016

Feature — Readership of One: Wisdom Books Share Words of Love


November 2016

Beyond the Flap — Books & Babies: Sally Hepworth on Writing & Motherhood


October 2016

Subscriber Exclusive — Marly Cornell: Inspired by Inspiring People
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September 2016

Community Connection — Muir’s Words Continue to Inspire Love of Nature


August 2016

Shared Experience — Colleges Gift Book to High School Leaders


July 2016

Readers Write — Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone


June 2016

Turn the Page — BookExpo America 2016 Photoblog


May 2016

Beyond the Flap — Gwenda Bond’s Teenage Lois Lane Empowers Girl Heroes


April 2016

Turn the Page — Book Fairs Around the World Gather Millions of Books & Readers


March 2016

Feature — Nancie Atwell: The World’s Best English Teacher


February 2016

Readers Write — What Would You Choose to Read in School? (What Teens Want to Read)


January 2016

Turn the Page — Gallagher: Turning “Fake Reading” Students into Book Lovers


December 2015

Community Connection — Faith to Forgiveness: Sara Horn’s Authenticity


November 2015

Beyond the Flap — Nina Victor Crittenden: Painting With Love of Art & Animals


October 2015

Shared Experience — Book Review Blog Connects Military Spouses & Writers


September 2015

Readers Write — Favorite Summer Reads 2015


August 2015

Turn the Page — TOP SECRET: Books/Hidden Library Key to Spy Museum


July 2015

Community Connection — Sehgals: Planting Seeds for Change


June 2015

Shared Experience — Armin Brott: Father of Fatherhood Movement


May 2015

FeatureCreating Community Through Stories Around the Table

Beyond the Flap — Tim Hoppey: Hero Inspired by Kids’ Courage

Readers Write — Books Make a Difference Reader Survey

*Based on our Reader’s Survey, we changed from publishing six articles every other month to publishing one article each month. Thank you for your feedback!


March/April 2015

FeatureGuide Dog Helps Holocaust Survivor Share Story

Beyond the Flap — Terri Barnes: Messages From Military Life

Community Connection — The Power of Writing to Right History

Shared Experience — Laura Bates: The Bard Is Still Saving Lives

Turn the Page — Mr. Schu Finds “Forever Books” for Kids

Readers Write — Lasting Poetry


January/February 2015

FeatureAndrea Davis Pinkney: Messenger of Hope

Beyond the Flap — James Patterson: Generous Collaborator Promotes Reading

Community Connection — Children’s Book Honors Friendship Nine

Shared Experience — Dedicated Readers Help Crime Novelist Give Back

Turn the Page — Writing Conferences for Every Season

Readers Write — Your 2015 New Year’s Book List


November/December 2014

FeatureMni Sota Makoce: A New History of Dakota Land

Beyond the Flap — Judy Davis: Military Life Right Side Up

Community Connection — Books On Wings Helps Kids Take Flight

Shared Experience — Create Good Memories with Holiday Baking

Turn the Page — 13th NaNoWriMo For Sujin Headrick

Readers Write — Books In Holiday Traditions


September/October 2014

FeatureLaura Sobiech: Flying a Little Higher for Zach

Beyond the FlapSteve Malk: Lit Agent, Advocate, Champion

Community Connection — A Home for American War Letters

Shared Experience — Homeschool Book Clubs Customize Experience

Turn the Page — Online Classes Enable First-Time Writers

Readers Write — Movies-to-Books Experience


July/August 2014

FeatureLois Lowry: The Giver’s Haunting Resonance

Beyond the Flap — Terri Peterson Smith: Book-Lover Getaways

Community Connection — Comic Books Cultivate Uncommon Community

Shared Experience — Star Story Keeps Military Families Close

Turn the Page — Inspire Kids to Love Summer Reading

Readers Write — Compelling Parent Figures in Literature


May/June 2014

FeatureTim O’Brien: Master Storytelling Dad

Beyond the Flap — Julia Dinsmore: Poetically Bridging Class Divides

Community Connection — Small Groups Inspire Catholic Evangelists

Shared Experience — Story & Art Walk Margins of Bipolar

Turn the Page — Parent Hop: Books to Raise a Family

Readers Write — Who Would You Invite to Dinner?


March/April 2014

FeatureBriley Rossiter: 12-Year-Old Author Shares Voice & Feet

Beyond the Flap — Jill Biden: The Power of a Story

Community Connection — Gathering for Faulkner, Words & Music

Shared Experience — Homeless Readers at Home in Book Club

Turn the Page — Teen Bloggers Influence Readers Globally

Readers Write New Storylines or Genres for Favorite Authors


January/February 2014

FeatureKerry Goulder: Sewing Lasting Stories to Share

Beyond the Flap — Gary Mazzone: Matchmaking Books & Bulk Buyers

Community Connection — Changing the Life of a Bushman in Botswana

Shared Experience — Society Connects Centuries of Jane Austen

Turn the Page — Kids Get a Jump On Self-Publishing

Readers Write What Are Octogenarians and Nonagenarians Reading?


November/December 2013

FeatureTrees of Hope for Military Families

Beyond the FlapNancy Saltzman: A Radical Survivor

Community ConnectionHabitat Book Club Opens Eyes, Hearts

Shared ExperienceTheta Book Club Reconnects Sisters

Turn the PageOnline Books Page Links Millions of Books

Readers Write What Favorite Childhood Books Made a Difference For You?


September/October 2013

FeatureWill Schwalbe: The End of Your Life Book Club

Beyond the FlapScarlet Helps Kids Learn About Hospice

Community ConnectionSharing Books in a Little Free Library

Shared ExperienceCommon Book Connects College Freshmen

Turn the PageGoodreads: Find Next Read Among Friends

Readers Write How Does Your Book Club Choose Books to Read?


July/August 2013

FeatureLucia Graves: Living Life in Translation

Beyond the FlapHightower & Scherer: Military Spouse Journey

Community ConnectionLiteracy & Hope: Hearts for Preloved Books

Shared ExperienceBooks on a Rock: Postcards from Camp

Turn the Page“Like a Dad” Voted Best Dad Read

Readers Write Summer Reading with Friends & Lovers


May/June 2013

FeatureSmall & Stewart: Books, Forgiveness Key to Journey

Beyond the FlapDeborah Tainsh: Writing Through Grief

Community ConnectionOpen Book: Creating A Literary Arts Community

Shared ExperienceThe Romantic Tale of Coffee & Books

Turn the PageMom Blogs: Writing in the Weeds

Readers Write May — What Book Has Saved You? Pay It Forward.

Readers Write June Best of What Dads Are Reading 2013


March/April 2013

FeatureSusan Maushart: Living Deliberately by Unplugging

Beyond the FlapNancy Polette: Catching Readers for 70 Years

Community ConnectionOne City, One Book: Creating Conversation

Shared ExperienceSharing Stories: The New Recorded Ever After

Turn the PageYALSA: Connecting Libraries and Teens

Readers WriteWhere is Your Favorite Place to Read or Write?


January/February 2013

FeatureAron Ralston: Inspired Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Beyond the FlapMike Yorkey: Voicing Eric LeGrand’s Story

Community ConnectionBooks Vital to Yellow Ribbon Program

Shared ExperienceEbooks & Apps Chart New Course

Turn the PageCozy Reads No Matter the Weather

Readers WriteWhat Makes a Book Worth Reading?


November/December 2012

FeatureThe Heart of an Artist: Lori McElrath-Eslick

Beyond the FlapJeff Kinney: More Than a Wimpy Kid

Community ConnectionRIF Gives Kids a Book of Their Own

Shared ExperienceBusiness Pros Plug In to 12 Books Group

Turn the PageRisko & Mutter Key to Shelf Awareness

Readers WriteShould Parents Read What Their Teens Are Reading?

 Congrats to Julia Gersen of Longfellow Books, who won this beautiful original plein air sunflower painting by Lori McElrath-Eslick in our December 2012 drawing. Be sure to subscribe to be entered in future drawings.