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Books Make a Difference Reader Survey

In last month’s issue, we published our 100th article celebrating how books are making a difference in the world. Thank you for celebrating with us!

While we love hearing from our readers anytime, in this month’s Readers Write, we decided to pause to specifically ask for your input on the direction of the magazine. Thank you to our subscribers and web readers who responded to our brief survey.  Here’s what you told us:

What you like most about Books Make a Difference includes: the diversity of information, the behind-the-scenes look into authors’ lives, reading about others who share a passion for the physical book, and the opportunity to learn more about ways books are being used around the world.

Top favorite articles include:

Many of you select one or two articles per month to read. Some of you read them all as soon as they are published.

Subscribers noted receiving article summaries that link to the new issue as the greatest value of subscribing. You also appreciate the ongoing monthly communication and access to special content and prize opportunities.

We appreciate all the praise you sent (“Keep up the great work!”) and considered all the ideas you shared for how to make the magazine even better.

Based on your suggestions, we plan to keep the current online design, publish some of the past subscriber-exclusive articles to the public site to make it easier for you to share these great articles, and focus on a smaller number of new articles per issue.

Our summer challenge to you: Go forth and make a difference with books and report back to us! Contact us via email or on Facebook or Twitter. We want to know how YOU, our readers, are making a difference! (Check out this month’s feature about how our team is making a difference with the very special book Stories Around the Table.)

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