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Sydney Dickerson and her siblings, Sean and Layla, create an alphabet learning video for Sydney’s Book Club.
Shared Experience

Sydney’s Book Club: Books, Smiles, and Love of Reading

by Terri Barnes

Eleven-year-old Sydney Dickerson has spent most of her life sharing books and encouraging children to read. Her namesake organization, Sydney’s Book Club, has donated more than 19,000 books to families, schools, and libraries around the world. Through story-time videos and messages on social media, Sydney and her siblings share their love of books and encourage other young readers. […]

At Story Station events, United Through Reading provides recording equipment and a selection of picture books for military members to read and create video recordings for important children in their lives.
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Once Upon a Deployment: Recorded Stories Connect Military Families

by Claire Wood

Shawn Stoffel deployed to Afghanistan two weeks after his daughter Riley was born. When Shawn came home ten months later, Riley immediately knew her father’s face and voice from video recordings of bedtime stories he made before he left. United Through Reading provides recording capabilities and story books, allowing military families to continue the simple yet comforting routine of reading together, an invaluable tool for literacy and strong family bonds. […]

Military spouse Elizabeth Castro teaches English for speakers of other languages for DODEA in Okinawa, Japan where she sees the effects of transitions on students and on her own military children.
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Seasons of Support: Helping Military Students Thrive

by Laura Martin

While the impact of military life is global, support for mobile military-connected students starts closer to home, with proactive parents and teachers, plus solid tools and resources. Parents and education professionals talk about the ways Seasons of My Military Student: Practical Ideas for Parents and Teachers, written by two military spouses, is making a difference for their students. […]