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At Story Station events, United Through Reading provides recording equipment and a selection of picture books for military members to read and create video recordings for important children in their lives.
Shared Experience

Once Upon a Deployment: Recorded Stories Connect Military Families

by Claire Wood

Shawn Stoffel deployed to Afghanistan two weeks after his daughter Riley was born. When Shawn came home ten months later, Riley immediately knew her father’s face and voice from video recordings of bedtime stories he made before he left. United Through Reading provides recording capabilities and story books, allowing military families to continue the simple yet comforting routine of reading together, an invaluable tool for literacy and strong family bonds. […]

Corie Weathers: Honoring Sacred Spaces in Marriage

Corie Weathers: Honoring Sacred Spaces in Marriage

by Terri Barnes

Military and first-responder couples often experience intense, life-changing moments while apart from each other. Married for 17 years and veterans of multiple military deployments, Corie Weathers and her Army chaplain husband, Matt, call these unshared experiences “sacred spaces.” Corie’s message, based on her own vulnerable story in her book Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage is helping couples around the world learn to love each other with new eyes. […]

Books Make a Difference Reader Survey
Readers Write

Books Make a Difference Reader Survey

In last month’s issue, we published our 100th article celebrating how books are making a difference in the world. Thank you for celebrating with us! While we love hearing from our readers anytime, in this month’s Readers Write, we decided to pause to ask your input on the direction of the magazine. Thank you to our subscribers and web readers who responded to our brief survey. Here’s what you told us: […]