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Author and publisher Brooke Warner connects in a small group setting at a retreat especially for women writers.
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She Writes: Elevating Women’s Voices

by Brooke Warner

In the course of history, women have made great sacrifices to make their voices heard in the world of literature, but today their work is still not regarded in the same light as literary work produced by men. Since books create shared understanding, elevating the voices of women in publishing is essential to overcoming gender bias within and outside the book industry. It takes many other voices to elevate the voices that do get to be heard. […]

Tuscany Writeaway Finalists: Six Talented Military-Connected Women Writers

Six Talented Military-Connected Women Writers

In July, the Tuscany Writeaway Scholarship team announced the award of a full scholarship to Army veteran Jenn Tuero (JT) Blatty to attend a weeklong writing workshop in Italy. We also named two top finalists, Lisa Smith Molinari and Melissa Seligman, and three honorable mentions: Krystal McGuiness, Kate Lewis, and Nikki James Zellner. Read the announcement and bios in the July 2018 issue. This month, we hear more from these six talented military-connected women writers in their own words. […]