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Mindful Writing: Creating a Lifeline with Words
Beyond the Flap

Mindful Writing: Creating a Lifeline with Words

by Terri Barnes

The daily chaos of life was about to overwhelm Lisa Smith Molinari, until she discovered a lifeline: writing. Now an award-winning newspaper columnist and author of the upcoming book The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com, Lisa began her writing journey making lists on a yellow legal pad during her husband’s military deployment. For many writers like Lisa, the act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard brings mindfulness, order, and context to daily events and major life challenges. […]

Coach Kate Leavell uses the book The Hard Hat by Jon Gordon to generate a discussion with her team.
Shared Experience

Books Put Athletes, Coaches, Parents on the Same Page

by Meagan Frank

Fields, courts, and rinks may not seem a likely place for book discussions. But athletes, coaches, and parents at all levels of sports read books together as a catalyst for meaningful, sometimes life-changing conversations. From leadership principles to team dynamics, achieving peak performance to competing with class, books provide a common focal point to transform team culture and develop athletes for sports and life. […]

Mimi Herman consults with writers Heather and Megan at a writers' workshop. Photo by Gary O'Brien.

Creating a Writers’ Workshop: An Evolved Model

by Meagan Frank

What does it take to create an effective and meaningful writers’ workshop? Seasoned workshop organizers from the University of Iowa’s Summer Writing Festival and Writeaways destination workshops share their perspectives on fostering creative communities of writers using an evolved workshop model, and seven steps to consider when building your own writers’ workshop. […]