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At Story Station events, United Through Reading provides recording equipment and a selection of picture books for military members to read and create video recordings for important children in their lives.
Shared Experience

Once Upon a Deployment: Recorded Stories Connect Military Families

by Claire Wood

Shawn Stoffel deployed to Afghanistan two weeks after his daughter Riley was born. When Shawn came home ten months later, Riley immediately knew her father’s face and voice from video recordings of bedtime stories he made before he left. United Through Reading provides recording capabilities and story books, allowing military families to continue the simple yet comforting routine of reading together, an invaluable tool for literacy and strong family bonds. […]

Barbershop Books: Growing Boys Who Read
Community Connection

Barbershop Books: Growing Boys Who Read

by Terri Barnes

When NYC teacher Alvin Irby saw one of his first grade students wait impatiently for his haircut at the local barbershop, it gave him an idea: Put children’s books in barbershops, specifically those serving black communities. Recipient of the 2017 Innovations in Reading Prize, Barbershop Books provides a growing number of barbershops across the United States a selection of children’s books aimed especially at boys ages four to eight, leveraging the power of male influences to help young boys become readers. […]

James Patterson visits Oblong Books in Millerton, NY as part of his $1 million personal donation to independent bookstores across the US.
Beyond the Flap

James Patterson: Generous Collaborator Promotes Reading

by Terri Barnes

Bestselling author James Patterson doesn’t just make millions. He also gives away millions, in scholarships for teachers, grants to independent bookstores, and programs for young readers. In this exclusive interview, he talks about the influence of his advertising career, his preference for collaborative writing, why he feels it’s important we have “really good bookstores,” and why getting kids to read is a “bit of an obsession” for him. […]