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The Museum of the American Military Family's "Together We Serve" exhibit includes panels titled Balconies and Basements, which include quotes and photos from military spouse writers describing some of the highs and lows of military life.
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Curated Words Inspire Military Family Museum Exhibit

by Terri Barnes

Circe Olson Woessner, director of the Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center, collected and curated quotes from military spouse writers for a new exhibit, “Together We Serve,” about twenty-first-century military families. Creating the exhibit, Circe worked with authors, bloggers, and publishers to find meaningful words about the good, bad, and in-between of military life. […]

Jocelyn on the slushy streets of Quebec City, on a research trip for her book, Between Two Shores.
Beyond the Flap

Jocelyn Green: Digging Deep for Historical Fiction Gems

by Terri Barnes

Jocelyn Green’s award-winning historical fiction is the product of extensive research. The author’s quest for immersive historic settings, plots, and characters takes her beyond the walls of her cozy home office. As well as spending time in libraries and museums, Jocelyn often travels to locations that are the settings for her novels. […]

Tuscany Writeaway Finalists: Six Talented Military-Connected Women Writers

Six Talented Military-Connected Women Writers

In July, the Tuscany Writeaway Scholarship team announced the award of a full scholarship to Army veteran Jenn Tuero (JT) Blatty to attend a weeklong writing workshop in Italy. We also named two top finalists, Lisa Smith Molinari and Melissa Seligman, and three honorable mentions: Krystal McGuiness, Kate Lewis, and Nikki James Zellner. Read the announcement and bios in the July 2018 issue. This month, we hear more from these six talented military-connected women writers in their own words. […]